The Eco Program

The Eco Program

As the Eco Coalition continues to inform and educate, we also aim to unite and promote businesses with the common goal of building a sustainable operation. The program is not so much a formal process but rather more of a general movement, designed to motivate businesses of all backgrounds and sizes to move in the same direction for a healthier future.

The Eco Program essentially encourages businesses to take active steps towards creating an environmentally conscious operation within their own company. It can be as effortless as a recycling program or intricate as the building restructure, the concept is to evoke action and change amongst the business community so we all do our part. Through education, information and communication, the program generates a network of like-minded businesses creating an extremely powerful voice.

Did you know…

Breathing air in highly populated and polluted metropolitan cities can reduce your life expectancy by 2 to 3 years?

70% of toxic waste in U.S. landfills consists of e-waste, items such as hard drives, monitors, servers, etc?

Data centers around the world consume more energy in one year than the entire country of Sweden?

At least 36 states in the U.S. are expected to face water shortages within the next 5 years?

Over 200 million items of e-waste are thrown away every year in the U.S.?